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Donate (Heading)
Ecumenical Commission for Human Development relies upon financial donations
in order to be able to make a difference for the world’s poorest and most

vulnerable people. You can offer your support by making a single donation or by
becoming a regular contributor. Companies, congregations, schools and other
groups can also support our work in different ways. For more information go to


Ecumenical Commission for Human Development has humanitarian aid
distribution projects with marginalized communities and many of our project
beneficiaries are still in need of such aid. If you are in a position to provide some
in-kind donations (new and used clothes, footwear, food and non-food items,
personal hygiene kits, wheel chairs, communication devices etc).
Ecumenical Commission for Human Development strongly recommends
consultation prior to organizing any aid collecting event and / or shipment on your
own. Local humanitarian aid import, transportation and distribution policies are
rather strict. We need your prayers, support and expertise for in-kind donations.
All data and information received from and about you will be treated as
confidential. They will be used only for ECHD recordkeeping and will not be
published in any way without prior consultation with you and your approval. For
further information send an e-mail to

By Payments
Together we can make a lasting difference to the lives of tragically deprived
communities in Pakistan. We count it a privilege, as well as a responsibility, to
share what we have with those who are oppressed, depressed and persecuted.
 $100 will pay monthly for food and medicines to one vulnerable family.
 $25 will pay the monthly fee for a poor girl/boy to go to school.
 $75 will pay a teacher's salary for a month
All donations are personally acknowledged and supporters receive a newsletter.
ECHD is entirely dependent on private donations from generous and
compassionate people. You may contact us by calling +92-423-5944081 or send
an e-mail to You can transfer donations to following our bank
Title of Account: Ecumenical Commission for Human Development
Account Number: 0150007900227702
Name of Bank: Faysal Bank Limited

Branch Address: 13-C, Bank Square, Model Town, Lahore
Swift Code: FAYSPKKA
IBAN Number: PK22FAYS0150007900227702

Advent & Lenten fundraising campaign(Heading)
Every year, Ecumenical Commission for Human Development mobilizes tens of
thousands to carry out a nationwide door-to-door campaign during the weeks
before Christmas and Easter. The Christmas and Lenten fundraising campaign
are carried out by congregations across the country with confirmed adults
carrying collection boxes. The campaigns are good information and mobilization
resources for the congregations themselves, thanks to a broad selection of
materials and events. More information can be found at


Join Our Campaigns Network
It takes more than just emergency relief and aid to create a better world. The
privileged must be challenged to accept their responsibility towards human rights.
Members of our network receive notification every time we begin a campaign
against people and organizations in power and can take part in our campaigns
and demand justice by, for example, sending e-mails or supporting a particular
action. Currently we are actively involved in the following campaigns and for
more information, go to

  • Child Rights Engagement
    Ecumenical Commission for Human Development advocates for children’s well-
    being through a variety of projects at community, diocesan and national levels.
    Being faith based organization, we have a unique position to influence society at
    all levels, from parents and school teachers to decision makers in public and
    private sectors. Ecumenical Commission for Human Development is a member
    organization of WCC initiative "Churches Commitments to Children”
    supporting engagement of churches in three areas of promoting children
    protection, participation and raise church voices for intergenerational climate
  • Thursday in Black – a global movement for a world without rape and violence
    Gender based violence is a universal and global issue that harms men, women
    and children in their most private spheres. Young girls and women often feel
    helpless and hopeless in the face of so much pain and injustice.
    Every Thursday, people around the world wear black as a symbol of strength and
    courage, representing our solidarity with victims and survivors of violence, and calling for a world without rape and violence with simple but powerful campaign to address gender violence.

We all have a responsibility to speak out against violence, to ensure that boys
and girls, women and men are safe from rape and violence in homes, schools,
work, and streets or in all places in our societies.

  • Churches Response to HIV and AIDS
    Churches Response to HIV and AIDS campaign is based on the knowledge that
    communities, churches and general public are living with and affected by HIV
    and AIDS. People who live with HIV and die with AIDS are our friends and family,
    our teachers and neighbors, our pastors and priests. The pandemic continues to
    be measured in alarming statistics around the globe, and the people of faith
    everywhere must take up their pastoral and prophetic role to overcome stigma
    and discrimination, to care for body and spirit, and to advocate for universal
    treatment and effective forms of prevention.
    Ecumenical Commission for Human Development holds individuals, religious
    leaders, faith based and civil society organizations and government line
    departments accountable for the commitments they have made and advocates
    for further efforts and resources to respond to HIV and AIDS.


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