Human Rights and Democracy

Ecumenical Commission for Human Development works to defend human dignity by addressing human rights violations from an ethical and theological perspective, support vulnerable and excluded groups; where they are suffering from discrimination, oppression, and persecution as a consequence of their faith and gender in Pakistan.

The interventions attempt to accompany community groups and churches to strengthen their advocacy work for human rights with a holistic approach where religious freedom, civil, political, economic, cultural, and social rights are addressed in an integrated way.

Further development of the inter-religious dimension of rights and dignity; a focus on victims and minority rights, impunity of religion, and providing a space to vulnerable communities and churches in which they can discuss the relationship between justice, human rights, and dignity are major priorities.

Ecumenical Commission for Human Development has been involved in human rights education, advocacy and lobbying, legal aid, and strengthening the capacity of human rights defenders, their organizations, ecumenical partners and churches. A permanent feature of organizational work aimed to struggle for political participation as equal citizenship, repeal of discriminatory laws and policies against children, women, trans-genders, and religious minorities.

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