Revitalization of Ecumenical youth movement in Pakistan


In Pakistan, Christian young adult are faced with adverse challenges of limited resources, inaccessible and unaffordable education and health-care, lack of training in life skills, unemployment and poverty, economic injustice, consumerism, human trafficking and other forms of human rights abuse, religious conflicts, forced conversion and hate and discrimination in all parts of the country. Many of them are forced to migrate in search of jobs and better future, to Sri Lanka, Malaysia and Thailand making them vulnerable to racist intolerance and inhuman treatment in their new surroundings.

Although some young people are actively participating in their local congregations, their ecumenical involvement and participation beyond local levels is limited. Even though many young people have contributed in the past to shaping the modern ecumenical movement, but it is very hard to find active youth members and leaders in the ecumenical movement these days.

Youth is an integral part of the churches and can play very important and positive roles in church and society. In the pluralistic and multi-religious context of Pakistan, it is also very important for Christian youth to reflect and relate their faith with country socio-economic and political realities.

Ecumenical Commission for Human Development strongly belief that there is a dire need of young adults to nurture a prophetic zeal among the youth as they are not merely leaders of the future but also are today’s leaders to live better and act as God’s people in multi-faith society and be agents of transformation for building communities of just peace.

It is in this context that ECHD is focusing on programs for training and nurturing of youth leadership skills and enabling them to be more actively involved in the ecumenical movement. It will provide opportunities for wider exposure to the ecumenical movement and help them to be more meaningfully involved in advocating for issues of social justice across the country through ecumenical youth networks.

Ecumenical Commission for Human Development – [ECHD], is an independent, ecumenical, Christian advocacy, humanitarian relief and sustainable development agency, founded in 2010, envisioned “to builds a world free from poverty, disease and injustice” by the love of God as manifested in Jesus Christ that brings about Justice, Peace and development for all.