Bringing hope & compassion for oppressed communities in Pakistan.


Lent and Fasting in Christianity is neither to be hungry, giving pain, suffering to your body, nor it means to show to others that how much a fast keeper, you are. Lent is meant to repent wholeheartedly and bow down to the God Almighty with perfect faith because; we don’t keep fast to please people around us but to glorify the God Almighty.

Pakistan is a land of martyrs, where intolerance is fueled by illiteracy and religious extremism. Christians and others minorities are living in fear of life threat, religious biases, discrimination, violence, targeted attacks against Christians and malicious accusations of blasphemy, which can mean a death sentence.

James Rehmat, Executive Director of Ecumenical Commission for Human Development says that, “Christians are living with deepen faith, under a constant threat of atrocity crimes and struggle for survival in their daily lives”.

In this Lent season, Ecumenical Commission for Human Development is requesting to parishes, schools and philanthropists groupsto support these oppressed families with survival packs to help them to transform their lives by reaching 200 families in promoting Christian unity in faith, witness and service for just and peaceful world. 

Ecumenical Commission for Human Development also requesting prayers for thousands of Pakistani Christian refugee families living in misery at Malaysia, Sri Lanka and Thailand, rely on the humanitarian assistance for basic essentials, spiritual support and comfort.  

There is a time of renewal for us by working together to make the most of the richness of this season, our actions of charity, fasting and prayer can lead us in deepening our faith and bear fruit not only in our lives but in the lives of those we reach out to in solidarity and communion.

Ecumenical Commission for Human Development is requesting you to show your compassion by donating generously and support vulnerable communities in Pakistan in cash or kinds. 

May our Lord reward each one of us abundantly!