Churches calling of action to end gender inequality in Pakistan


Gender inequality is most serious and pervasive form of discrimination in the world. While this affects everyone, it is women and girls who face the most discrimination as a result of gender inequality which is a key driver of poverty and a fundamental denial of women’s right.

On Friday, May 31st 2019, an interactive theatre was organized with special prayer to acknowledge achievements of Ecumenical Commission for Human Development in journey towards gender justice, especially in political, social, economic and religious life and celebrate their struggles together as a community of women and men.   

James Rehmat, Executive Director, Ecumenical Commission for Human Development also quoted during his address that “When God Created man and women, He was thinking, Who shall I give the power to, to give birth to the next human being? And God choose woman and this is the big evidence that women are powerful”.

Gender Justice is an essential part of being an ecumenical organization, support faith communities to end practices that are very harmful to women and young girls, work with churches, civil society organizations, government line departments and communities to overcome hate, discrimination and violence, educates young girls and women on their fundamental rights and networking with churches to fight against gender imbalance.

Ecumenical commission for Human Development endorses our commitment to Gender Justice and call to action for equality between women and men in church and society to enable for the transformation of gender relations and partnership.

Ecumenical Commission for Human Development further committed to challenge patriarchal, address gender injustice, strengthen women’s participation in ecumenical movement, and promote positive masculinities and to facilitate transformation, renewal of church and society.